DALLAS(KDAF)—But don’t worry, they still have the best Texas-sized mom hugs!

Texas has been listed among the worst states for working moms, according to a personal-finance website, Wallet Hub. Factors like daycare, professional opportunities, and work-life were all taken into consideration.

Wallet Hub said, “In order to help ease the burden on an underappreciated segment of the population, WalletHub compared state dynamics across 17 key metrics to identify the Best & Worst States for Working Moms”.

Texas ranked at #31 out of 51, #26 in child care, #14 in professional opportunities, and #47 in work life.

Make sure to head over to the Wallet Hub website to see the entire ranking of states.

The Top Ten Best States for working moms: The Top Ten Worst States for working moms:

  1. Massachusetts 1. Arizona
  2. Rhode Island 2. Nevada
  3. Connecticut 3. Oklahoma
  4. District of Columbia 4. New Mexico
  5. Wisconsin 5. Idaho
  6. Minnesota 6. West Virginia
  7. Vermont 7. Mississippi
  8. New Jersey 8. Alabama
  9. Maine 9. South Carolina
  10. Delaware 10. Louisiana