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DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to fashion in the Lone Star State you’ll probably think of cowboy hats, boots, denim, and other such stereotypes.

While true across Texas, it’s more fashionable or fashion-forward than you might think. A study from fashion experts at Karen Millen revealed the states that are most obsessed with fashion and the great state of Texas landed in the top 20!

“The research, carried out by fashion experts at Karen Millen, examined Google Trends data of search terms frequently used by people interested in fashion. These terms were then combined to give each American state a ‘total fashion search score’ to discover which states have been the most interested in fashion over the past 12 months,” the study says.

As for Texas, they’re the No. 17 state most obsessed with fashion. It’s no real surprise, the surprise it that it isn’t higher. The Lone Star State is one of if not the most diverse state in the entire country and that also brings in fashion tastes from all around the world.

So, while cowboy boots, hats, and jeans are mainstays, more fashion pieces are making a name for themselves statewide.