DALLAS (KDAF) — The obsession with coffee and the caffeine that comes with it (unless you’re a decaf person) has been a mainstay in America and all over the world for quite a while now.

Therefore the hype around coffee shops local and global is real, that’s why Yelp’s report of the top coffee shops in the U.S. and Canada is ever-so-important to pay attention to. Everyone knows not to bother coffee people in the mornings (or any time of the day) unless they’ve had their fix.

“Some home-brewed beans will certainly do, but when you’re dealing with something as integral to your day as coffee, you want to make sure it’s done right. That’s why we created this list,” the report said.

In the top 10 coffee shops in America, you can find the No. 8 spot being occupied by the Lone Star State’s The Cuppo Coffee & Tea from Jersey Village. Yelp says this shop is known for its freshly brewed espresso drinks, handpicked loose leaf tea blends, and freshly baked local pastries.

“Their business has been buzzing since opening in 2019, with a focus on fun flavors like their “Ube Latte,” and the “Cafe Bombon,” which is espresso served with sweetened condensed milk,” the report says.

Here’s a look at the top coffee shops in Texas that cracked the top 100:

  • The Cuppo Coffee & Tea – Jersey Village (8)
  • Java Owl Coffee House – Nassau Bay (41)
  • Theory Coffee Company San Antonio (43)
  • Brevity Coffee – San Antonio (44)
  • Cajun Coffee Shack – San Antonio (55)
  • Anonymous Cafe – Houston (60)