DALLAS (KDAF) — Burgers are one of the simplest forms of food people all over the country and world enjoy; bun, toppings, cheese, burger, sauce, and bun (of course with a side of fries we aren’t psychos…).

Well, now it’s time to think outside the box on this simple and savory treat, with some of the most outrageous burgers in America, thanks to Yelp. “Crispy fried eggs, pulled pork, potato pancakes, macaroni, waffles, onion rings—nothing is too outrageous to put on a hamburger these days. Inventive chefs are elevating this comfort food to new extremes, making burgers taller, cheesier, crispier, and oozier than ever.”

A report from the popular restaurant review site takes a look at the 11 most outrageous burgers in America and Texas cracks the list not just once, but twice!

First up is the Big Cheese Burger from The Shack in San Antonio, “Weighing in at 2 pounds, the Big Cheese is the biggest cheeseburger on The Shack’s menu—perhaps on any menu. A knife through the middle keeps 4 half-pound beef patties stacked upright.”

Next from the Lone Star State is the Yenta Burger from JewBoy Burgers in Austin, “Nothing displays the delicious marriage of flavors and cultures at JewBoy Burgers better than the Yenta, a Mexican-style beef patty topped with a crispy potato latke. In a playful homage to chef-owner Mo Pittle’s upbringing, cooks grill onions into the beef, steam cheese over the top, and add a freshly fried potato pancake. Bye-bye, french fries on a burger!”

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