DALLAS (KDAF) — If there is one thing to know about Texas and the people that inhabit the Lone Star State, they love good food.

North Texas is a great example of this. With so many different restaurants, shops and stores, North Texas and the state as a whole has a very diverse flavor palette.

A new report from WalletHub looked at the best cities for foodies and one Texas city ranked amongst the best, that being Austin. According to the report, Austin ranked 5th overall out of a list of 182 of the largest cities in the nation.

How did North Texas do? Here’s how it ranked:

  • Dallas – 75
  • Plano – 81
  • Fort Worth – 99
  • Irving – 117
  • Arlington – 144
  • Garland – 162
  • Grand Prairie – 171

Here were the top 10 best foodie cities in America:

  1. Portland, OR
  2. Orlando, FL
  3. Miami, FL
  4. San Francisco, CA
  5. Austin, TX
  6. Sacramento, CA
  7. Seattle, WA
  8. Tampa, FL
  9. Las Vegas, NV
  10. San Diego, CA
Source: WalletHub

For the full report, visit WalletHub.