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DALLAS (KDAF) — The world runs on coffee. This caffeinated beverage served hot or iced is the cornerstone of most Americans’ morning routines.

But coffee isn’t just a drink anymore, it is a social experience as well. Friends now spend the evening chatting at coffee shops, enjoying their favorite drinks. Guests now are greeted with a cup of coffee when they enter their friend’s homes.

This social phenomenon now has people factoring coffee-friendliness when choosing a new place to live. How many coffee shops does this town have? Are the coffee shops in town actually any good? The list goes on.

So, to help sort through the best cities for coffee lovers, WalletHub has done all the hard work. In a new report from the website, officials have ranked 100 of the largest cities in the nation based on their coffee-friendliness.

One Texas city did make it in the top 20, just barely, and that was Austin, which ranked 20th overall. Here’s how other Texas cities ranked:

  • Dallas – 26th
  • Houston – 30th
  • Fort Worth – 32nd
  • Plano – 39th
  • San Antonio – 41st
  • Arlington – 62nd
  • Garland – 66th
  • Irving – 70th
  • El Paso – 85th
  • Lubbock – 91st
  • Corpus Christi – 97th
  • Laredo – 98th

For the full report, visit WalletHub.