DALLAS (KDAF) — Nowadays it’s all about streaming your favorite shows, movies, and music at all hours of the day and the art of reading a good book has maybe fallen by the wayside… However, this national holiday isn’t going to stand or sit for this notion.

Tuesday, August 9 is National Book Lovers Day! NationalToday explains what books really mean to the people that love them so dearly, “Books are the purest form of escapism.  They can take you to any time, place, or culture.

“From clay tablets to today’s eBooks, literature has played a crucial role in preserving cultures, educating the masses, and storytelling. Thanks to Johannes Gutenberg’s 15th-century printing press, anyone, not just royalty, monks or landed gentry, could read and own books.  But, alas, there was no overnight shipping. Today,  join a book club or re-read a favorite novel because National Book Lovers Day rocks!”

We wanted to make sure your list of great bookstores around town wasn’t short, so, we checked out Yelp’s list of the best bookstores around Dallas for you to grab your next favorite book/book series:

  • Interabang Books
  • Deep Vellum Books
  • Barnes & Noble Booksellers
  • The Wild Detectives
  • Kinokuniya Bookstore
  • Whose Books
  • DTS Bookstore
  • Poets Oak Cliff Bookshop
  • Logos Book Store
  • The Book Shoppe & Coffee