DALLAS (KDAF) — We’re all screaming for ice cream in the new year and at any time during the year but have you ever thought of what spot in your state is the best of this tasty creamy cold treat?

Forbes released a report on the best ice cream shops in every state and would you believe that the best ice cream shop in Texas isn’t ice cream at all?

“No matter your age, no single food captures the spirit of summertime like ice cream. While most of us enjoy the sweet treat year-round, there’s just nothing like licking a cone from an ice cream truck, beach or poolside shack, or neighborhood scoop shop to cool yourself off on a sweltering summer day,” Forbes wrote.

All you’ll have to do is travel down to Houston for some of Connie’s Frozen Custard for some of the best sweet treats in Texas. You can get concretes, sundaes, banana splits, cups/cones, shakes/malts, floats/freezes, pints/quarts and even cookie sandwiches. So, if you’re looking for a quick bite to satisfy your sweet tooth, Connies is the spot for you.