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DALLAS (KDAF) — Texans definitely have a sweet tooth for desserts, making the holidays extra sweet for those in the Lonestar state.

A new study by, surveyed over 3,000 Americans this year for the most popular dessert in each state. For Texans, pumpkin pie ranked the highest with 31 percent indulging in the dessert.

Pecan pie, according to the study, came in second followed by apple and cherry pie. Pie is an important staple for many Texans during the holidays. More than 99 percent of Texans include dessert on their Thanksgiving menus, according to OnlineCasinos.

The report also noted Banoffee (a British dessert pie) and Rhubarb pie as the most unpopular among Americans during Thanksgiving.

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“The unanimous verdict from across the United States is clear: pies are the ultimate Thanksgiving dessert. In fact, an overwhelming 41 states joined hands in declaring pumpkin pie as the top choice. This nationwide consensus includes states such as New York, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Alabama,” the report stated.

Overall, majority of Americans love their desserts during the holidays.

What is your favorite pie?