DALLAS (KDAF) — Facebook has rolled out new improvements to Meta Avatars including new avatar customizations, body shapes, and hair texture.

“More details will help your avatar stand out from the rest. We’re continuing to make your avatar look better in smaller and subtler ways as well because those details help your personality shine through… You’ll see these changes when you use your avatar outside of virtual reality (VR),” Meta officials said.

Texans now can alternate their Avatar face and body using Facebook's new body positive feature
Credit: Facebook/ Meta

Not only are their new body shape features but there are also new hair and clothing features being unveiled. With the introduction of the Avatar Store last year, Facebook had been partnering with a bunch of designer brands.

Now Pume is next to enter the Metaverse. Not only has clothing gotten an upgrade, but also hair as well.

“Sparing you the nitty-gritty technical breakdown, we’ve added additional detail and realism to both hair and clothing — meaning whether you’re rocking a clean fade and suit or bedhead and sweats, your avatar should pop a little better than before,” Meta said.