DALLAS (KDAF) — Southern hospitality is a real thing for many Texans! So it’s no surprise that Texans have ranked in the top ten for the most generous state in the nation.

A new report from Casino.org ranks Texas at no.10 for the most generous state in the nation. For Texas, the average Texan spends $127.

When it came to the highest spenders for the holiday, Alabama came in no. 1 with the average Alabamian spending up to $200 on Turkey Day, the report stated. Across the board, the average American household will spend $107.01 on Thanksgiving dinner this year, the report stated.

The report also covered spending by generation. With millennials being the tightest on budget during the holiday. On average, Millennials (ages 27 to 42) spend 17 percent less than all the other generations combined. When it comes to hosting, Millennials will be keeping their budgets under $50 this year, according to the report.