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DALLAS (KDAF) — This October, the Home of the Original Dirty Soda™ is working to serve up clean bills of health.

Swig, one of the fastest-growing beverage companies in the country, is hosting its 4th annual Save The Cups fundraiser. The campaign, which runs through October, promotes awareness, encourages mammograms, and donates the raised funds to pay the medical bills of women fighting breast cancer.

Save The Cups is not just another give-back campaign—it’s a personal cause for Swig founder Nicole Tanner. She battled breast cancer in 2009 with no insurance to her name, but then she miraculously and generously had her medical bills paid for. Thirteen years and 55 Swig stores later, she is grateful to be paying it forward.

“It’s impossible to quantify how important Save The Cups is to me. I know exactly what these women have gone through, and to be able to support them in the same way I was helped has been profoundly meaningful,” Tanner said.“ Four years in, I know this is so much bigger than me. I often say that Swig was born so it could lead us to Save The Cups.”

In its first three years, Save The Cups raised more than $500,000 and has helped more than 35 women pay their medical bills.

Customers can contribute to the campaign by purchasing featured drinks, specialized merch, or simply making a donation at their local Swig.