DALLAS (KDAF) — We get it. Sometimes, the team you are rooting for lets you down. It’s part of the game.

So in the spirit of being open about the tribulations of being a sports team fan, a new report from Play Canada looked at when Major League Baseball fans were ’embarrassed’ by their teams.

Of course, we are looking at where North Texas falls in this subject. According to the study, the most embarrassing year for fans of Arlington’s Texas Rangers was 2021. Runner-up years included 2020 and 2018.

With the rain comes the rainbow; so to keep things more positive the report also asked fans what their favorite year was and fans said 2011 was their favorite year to be a Rangers fan. Runner-ups for that category were 2008-2016 and 1994-1997.

Overall MLB fans across the board said 1998 was the best season to be a baseball fan. To get this information, Play Canada surveyed more than 2,000 baseball fans. To view the full report, visit playcanada.com.