DALLAS (KDAF) — DIY is all the rage. All over TikTok are stories of people buying secondhand items and giving them some love. The result is something that looks brand new.

But this idea of upcycling is not new in real estate. People have been buying inexpensive homes and renovating them for years. If you want to try your hand at a fixer-upper project, a new report from StorageCafe is saying that Dallas is the place to do it.

StorageCafe compared 50 of the biggest cities in the nation on which cities were the best and worst cities for fixer-upper homes and Dallas ranked 7th in the nation.

Here are the reasons why officials say Dallas is such a good city for fixer-uppers:

  • Fixer-uppers in Dallas represent about 9% of the existing homes for sale.
  • The fixer-upper discount represents about 44% of the listing price, a more than hefty saving, as compared to Austin for example (ranked 49th) where fixer-uppers are priced 13% lower than typical homes.
  • In fact, buying a fixer-upper shaves approximately $260K off the price of a turnkey home here.
  • In line with national trends, fixer-uppers are 24% smaller than standard homes in Dallas.

Here are the 10 best cities for fixer-uppers:

  1. Milwaukee
  2. Philadephia
  3. Detroit
  4. Memphis
  5. Baltimore
  6. Jacksonville
  7. Dallas
  8. Louisville
  9. Miami
  10. Fresno

For the full report, click here.