DALLAS (KDAF) — Pastries are the best. There is no better compliment to a nice cup of coffee than a good pastry.

If you consider yourself a pastry lover, it might be important to be surrounded by like-minded people, unfortunately if you live in Denton you might have a hard time doing so.

A new report from Lawn Love has analyzed and ranked 200 cities in the nation based on which ones were the best and worst for pastry lovers.

The report found that Denton was the 9th worst city for pastry lovers in the nation. Brownsville also ranked exceptionally low in the country, being named the 8th worst city for pastry lovers in the country.

Dallas, though, ranked pretty high for pastry lovers. It was named the 20th best city for pastry lovers in the U.S. Fort Worth ranked 108th.

For the full report, visit Lawn Love.