DALLAS (KDAF) — With the increase in the popularity of electric vehicles, it’s almost hard to drive anywhere in North Texas without seeing some form of an electric vehicle.

This creates a new concern for people when choosing a new place to live: is your state friendly toward electric vehicles?

It’s a question that Bumper.com answers in a new report ranking all 50 states based on their friendliness toward electric vehicles. They looked at 11 different metrics measuring a state’s electric vehicle friendliness, including EV infrastructure and financial incentives for electric vehicles.

So, how does Texas stack up? Overall, the Lone Star State ranked as the 22nd best state to own an electric vehicle in the nation. Other findings say:

  • Texas ranks #21 for EV financial incentives
  • Texas takes the #28 spot for EV infrastructure
  • Texas is #38 for gas vs. electric fuelling costs

The top best states to own an electric vehicle are as follows:

  1. Maryland
  2. New York
  3. Massachusetts
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Vermont
  6. New Jersey
  7. California
  8. Virginia
  9. Utah
  10. Rhode Island

For the full study, click here.