DALLAS (KDAF) — If you have a family in 2023, one of the top things on your mind will be just how safe are you where you live. Well, if you’re living in North Texas, odds are you’re living safely.

According to a study from SmartAsset, four cities from Texas, three of them in North Texas, are the safest cities in America, alongside Santa Clarita, California.

“Texas is home to several of the nation’s safest cities according to our metrics. Four out of the top five cities with the highest safety ratings are located in Texas, including top-ranked Frisco. All four have violent crime rates lower than 90% of the cities across the study,” the study said.

Here’s a look at where cities from Texas landed in the rankings of the top 100 safest cities in the US:

  • Frisco – 1
  • McKinney – 2
  • McAllen – 3
  • Plano – 5
  • Laredo – 7
  • El Paso – 12
  • Denton – 26
  • Grand Prairie – 42
  • Brownsville – 43
  • Arlington – 51
  • Fort Worth – 52