DALLAS (KDAF) — Traveling around the world will allow you to experience cuisines like no other and if you’re a foodie, trying out new food, cuisines and dishes is in your blood, but not everyone can afford to do these worldwide travels to titillate their tastebuds.

The U.S. has cuisines from all over the world highlighted in each state including Mediterranean, Asian fusion, new American, Vietnamese, Southeast Asian, Japanese, barbecue, Italian, Korean and Portuguese. Each state has their claim to fame, but according to a study done by VacationRenter, they’ve found some surprises along the way when it comes to the highest-rated cuisines, by state.

“One of the joys of traveling as a foodie is getting to try out the very best that different cuisines have to offer. Depending on which cuisines you’re most interested in, you can tailor your trip to the states where specific dishes are most prominent,” the publication wrote.

When it came to Texas, a surprise of all surprises was afoot as the study found that Texas is a keen spot for miscellaneous European cuisine.

We know the Lone Star State for its Tex Mex, BBQ, and steak, but who knew that European cuisine was held in such high regard down south?

VacationRenter said, “Perhaps surprisingly, Texas – home of heated barbecue sauce battles – is touted as one of the ideal places to go for miscellaneous European cuisines. Texas might seem like a place for only traditional American cuisine, like burgers and fries — or even New American cuisine, featuring the flavors of the American melting pot — but you’ll also get a great mix of German, British, Basque, Polish, and Scandinavian eats in the Lone Star State. “