DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the biggest changes to life during the COVID-19 pandemic was the relationship between workers and the office.

With government lockdowns and the spread of COVID-19, workers were forced to carry out their business from home and some people found that they loved the work-from-home life.

Of course, not everyone likes working from home as some cities are better suited for the work-from-home life than others.

A new report from RentCafe has compiled a list of the 50 Best U.S. Cities for Remote Workers, and three North Texas cities made the list: Plano (23rd), Dallas (42nd), and Fort Worth (46th).

To compile this list, officials analyzed more than 150 cities based on a variety of different metrics including the cost of living, the number of apartments with short-term leases, rental demand, the number of high-quality apartments, short-term rentals, rental rates, coworking spaces, internet speeds, and more.

Here are some key findings from Dallas:

  • Dallas has 608 remote workers per coworking space which makes shared workspaces less crowded than other cities.
  • 65% of apartments in Dallas have internet access.
  • The average size of an apartment in Dallas is 848 sq. ft which is enough space for an at-home office
  • 90% of apartments have fitness amenities and there are more than 200 sunny days per year in Dallas.
  • 13% of apartments in Dallas offer short-term leases with occupancy rates at 65%

Texas was well represented in the list overall with 11 Texas cities making the list and one city making the top 10 spots, College Station (9th).

For the full report, click here.

  • Dallas has everything remote workers need, starting with shared workspace options that are far less crowded than in other cities — 608 remote workers per coworking space. More so, 65% of apartments have internet access (92.2 Mbps).
  • Apartments in Dallas offer an average of 848 sq. ft. of space, enough to designate an area for a home office. 48.3% of rentals are high-end, earning the city extra points in the comfort category.
  • If work-life balance is a deal breaker for remote workers, Dallas has it covered. Besides amazing parks and active social scene, 90% of apartments have fitness amenities and there are over 200 sunny days per year in the city.
  • Professionals interested in moving to Dallas temporarily can easily look for short-term rentals. Almost 13% of apartments offer short-term leases and occupancy rates reach 65%.
  • The daily rate of short-term leases averages at $158, which pushed the city lower in the affordability category.