DALLAS (KDAF) — Having the best candy at the end of a hard Halloween night of trick-or-treating with your family and friends is uber-important to those growing up. You’re counting the lame candy versus the top-notch peanut butter cups and big Snickers bars, it’s a great time to be alive.

Growing up in your neighborhood you knew what doorbells to ring in order to get the best candy around to stock up to show your friends the next day. Times have changed, so, what are the best neighborhoods around Dallas-Fort Worth for trick-or-treating in 2022?

NationalToday loves Halloween and is encouraging everyone to get involved, “If you’re too old for trick or treating, it’s time to return the favor! Don a wig and a mask (but not too scary!) and with groans, howling and chains rattling from your audio setup, hand out lots of candy. Create some serious Halloween fun for the kiddies!”

We checked out a report from AB Moving on the best neighborhoods to trick-or-treat around Dallas-Fort Worth; let’s take a look at their findings:

  • Swiss Avenue Historic District, Dallas
  • Lakewood, Dallas
  • Monticello, Fort Worth
  • Villages of Sunset Pointe, Fort Worth
  • Deerfield, Plano
  • Panther Creek Estates, Frisco

The report said, “While most families have the luxury of living in one of the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Dallas, some families live in neighborhoods with a sparse number of homes or unsafe streets. In cases like those, parents will seek out other neighborhoods to take their kids candy-hunting. Luckily, there are plenty of neighborhoods in the Dallas area that are great for little monsters, little Reys, little Iron Mans, and all other kinds of trick-or-treaters.”