DALLAS (KDAF) — Steve Wilkos is gearing up for a new season of his daytime talk show!

After getting his start as a police officer and then as a bodyguard on Jerry Springer in 1994, Wilkos is returning for season 17 of his own show. Springer, who passed away in April 2023, had a profound impact on Wilkos’ life and career.

“Without [Jerry], I wouldn’t be sitting here talking to you right now,” Wilkos said. “I wouldn’t…The guy was so invested in me, like really cared for me, championed me, was always there for me. I went through some tough times, and Jerry was always there for me. You find out where your friends when you’re down low, a lot of people don’t want to be around you. And Jerry was always always there for me.”

What can fans expect from the new season?

“We always try to look for something different,” Wilkos said. “We try to do something unusual, but for the most part, people are tuning in because people are looking for answers…They’re looking for the truth. They want justice.”