DALLAS (KDAF) — Dallas-based Southwest Airlines hit a special milestone this July.

The airline’s first-ever mother-daughter pilot duo took their first flight together on Saturday, July 23, flying from their hometown of Denver, Colorado to St. Louis Missouri.

“We’re committed to providing our Southwest Family a work environment where they can be themselves and be recognized for the unique perspectives they each bring forward,” the airline said in an official news release.

Captain Holly Petit started her career as a flight attendant. After working as a flight attendant for some time, officials say she wanted to learn the craft of flying planes, so she went to work. Captain Petit went on to get her certifications and became a pilot.

Her daughter, First Officer Keely Petit, naturally picked up an interest in flying growing up in a pilot’s home. From an early age, she realized she wanted to follow her mother’s career path in becoming a pilot herself. First Officer Petit interned at Southwest in the fall of 2017.

“Southwest was always the end goal for me,” First Officer Petit said in a news release. “There was really never any other option.” For more information, read the full report by clicking here.