DALLAS (KDAF) — Did you know that May is Save Your Tooth Month?

President of the American Association of Endodontists, Dr. Craig Hirschberg sat down with Fun on the Run’s Yolonda Williams to explain why it’s important to keep your teeth healthy.

“Well, endodontists are the expert in saving your natural teeth using root canal therapy and save your tooth month is really meant to raise awareness in the public of the importance of saving natural teeth. And you need your natural teeth for eating, speaking, and smiling and I like to think of your smile as being your calling card,” Dr. Hirschberg said.

Save your tooth month may be over, but you can save your teeth all year round by visiting findmyendodontist.com. And finding a root canal specialist near you.

Watch the video player above for Yolonda’s full interview with Dr. Craig Hirschberg.