WACO, TX (FOX 44) – The National Weather Service’s upgrade from a heat advisory to an excessive heat warning, has safety experts urging the community to take precaution

The Waco-McClennan County Office of Emergency Management says the excessive heat warning will be in effect until Sunday night.

It’s staff provides tips ranging from staying hydrated to when possible staying inside.

“Just listen to your body, make sure that you are aware of what’s going on,” said Elizabeth Thomas, coordinator of the Waco-McClennan County Office of Emergency Management. “If you feel like something is wrong, something is probably not feeling right, so you just want to check in with yourself.”

The weather outside this weekend continues to stay in the low 100s.

Thomas says the heat index could be around 112 degrees and urges the community to be cautious.

“I know we’re Texas. We’re used to the heat here, but this is really going to be dangerous conditions that could cause some kind of illness,” said Thomas.

The first stages being outside can be symptoms of heat exhaustion.

“Kind of feeling faint, dizzy, excessive sweating, kind of feeling that cool, pale or clammy skin, maybe you’re nauseous. There could be some muscle cramps,” said Thomas.

If you ignore the initial signs, it can lead to heat strokes.

“Throbbing headache, you are not sweating, your body temperature is above that 100 degree temperature. Still, that nausea or vomiting,” said Thomas.

Another symptom includes loss of consciousness.

If experiencing extreme symptoms, Thomas recommends you visit your doctor before it’s too late.

“Heat exhaustion can then lead to heat stroke, and heat stroke can even lead to death,” said Santos Soto, Public Information Officer for the Temple Fire Department.

Seeing more heat injuries as the temperature increases, Soto.

“It’s just important not to be out there for too long. If you are having to stay out there, stay hydrated, seek some shade. If you can, stay nice and cool and take care of yourself and those around you,” said Soto.

For anyone needing a place to stay cool, the City of Waco and Office of Emergency Management will open a cooling station at the multipurpose center opening tomorrow from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. until Saturday.

On Sunday, the cooling center will be at the Sul Ross Senior Center.