DALLAS (KDAF) — The Dallas Sting biopic starring Matthew McConaughey has reportedly been scrapped, this news comes from multiple reports from publications like The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline.

Reports say the film was scrapped after Skydance, the production company producing the film and the film’s producers were made aware of disturbing allegations regarding the real-life story the movie was set to be based on.

After initially being made aware of these allegations, Skydance and producers then investigated these allegations and subsequently scrapped the project with McConaughey reportedly out of the film.

Also set to star in the film was Kaitlyn Denver with Kari Skogland of Falcon and The Winter Soldier fame set to direct.

Dallas Sting was set to tell the story of a group of North Texas high school girls that were chosen by the U.S. Soccer Federation to compete in the first FIFA Tournament for women’s national teams in China in 1984. That team would go on to win the tournament and become the first American soccer team, male of female, to win a major international tournament.