DALLAS (KDAF) — Burritos are awesome. There are so delicious and versatile. You can have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

And in Texas, they’re especially delicious with Texas’ wide range of diverse food locations, but which place serves the best burrito in Texas?

According to a new report from LoveFood.com, that is none other than Austin-based Cabo Bob’s. Here’s what they had to say Cabo Bob’s.

“Austin-based burrito chain Cabo Bob’s, which also has locations in San Antonio and Houston, offers a range of options so each customer can create their own bespoke burrito. Each starts with a choice of flavored tortillas including the popular smoky Cheddar – prepared fresh with unbleached wheat flour, grated smoked Cheddar, and barbecue sauce. Filling options include shredded pork, crispy fish, sautéed poblano peppers, and sautéed zucchini. The smoky, tender brisket is many people’s go-to,” as said on LoveFood.com.

For the full report, including where you can find the best burritos in every other state, visit Love Food.