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DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re looking to get some last-minute gardening/planting in before the winter season approaches, we’ve got just the thing for you Texas.

Calloway’s Nursery says, “Texans everywhere are already dreaming of crispier, cooler temps as we continue to record breaking heat across the state.” But we know that doesn’t mean adding some natural decorations around the house wouldn’t hurt.

The nursery says these are the top 5 shrubs to plant at home to get those Texas gardens feeling and looking refreshed after a summer with some seriously intense heat:

  • Kaleidoscope Abelia: A low-maintenance, fall-flowering shrub is an ideal choice for a hot spot in a garden as it thrives with 5-8 hours of sunlight throughout the day. 
  • The Color Guard Yucca is a drought-tolerant shrub that stays under 2 feet tall. It performs well in partial to full sunlight and has brightly colored foliage with large white flowers that bloom in the late spring or early summer. It performs well in partial to full sunlight 
  • Gold Dust Aucuba: the perfect shrub to plant in the shade. Gold Dust Aucuba is a popular shrub variety and fall garden plant for shade gardens all over the state. It is best known for its colorful and large leaves. This is a great choice to fill in areas of your garden where a lush look is desired 
  • Native to Texas and beautiful, Pink Muhly Grass is a drought-hardy, ornamental grass. It is popular for its pink plumage and adds colorful texture to any urban landscape. 
  • Sunshine Ligustrum is growing in popularity and is great to use as a border plant around your flowerbed or as an accent shrub plant. The pop of green is a gorgeous and easy way to maintain a colorful landscape, even through the winter, as it is a medium-sized evergreen.