DALLAS (KDAF) — “Cheese jerky! Say what? Say what?

That’s right. It’s time to celebrate because Sunday, Nov. 27 is National Craft Jerky Day. This holiday is celebrated to honor the craft of making jerky.

“Jerky is any kind of dried, thinly sliced meat that can be eaten without further processing. Jerky can be made with a variety of proteins, from cow meat to horse meat, alligator, camel, or even crocodile! Whatever protein you love, Craft Jerky Day has no limits on creativity. Its origin dates back to the early 1550s.”

Although beef jerky is easy to make at home, sometimes its best to leave the work up to the professionals and according to a new report from Texas Real Food, these six jerky places are some of the best in Texas.

  • Dan’s Smokehouse Jerky – Weatherford
  • Skleranik’s Smoked Meats Inc. – Miles
  • Texas Slabs – Mansfield
  • Miller’s Market and Smokehouse – Llano
  • Uncle Ron’s Beef Jerky – Fort Worth
  • Tony’s Jerky

For the full report, visit Texas Real Food.