DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the most popular beverages of the football season when it comes to alcohol, what comes to mind? Beer, mixed drinks, maybe some mead if you’re feeling frisky? Well, you might be overlooking the ever-so-delicious cider.

While Friday, November 19 is Apple Cider Day, we’re taking the opportunity to dive a little deeper and look at the alcoholic version of this fall favorite.

We checked out a report from Texas Real Food on the best cideries around the state of Texas and it’s a treat to be sure. “What makes it unique enough for you to be fascinated by it? It shares the characteristic of both wine and beer altogether! To make cider, wine yeasts are involved for fermentation. Cider also shows a great deal of similarity with beer as it’s often carbonated with lower alcohol content. And yup — there are more cideries in Texas than you’re probably aware of,” the report said.

Here are the top cideries in Texas:

  • Texas Keeper Cider
  • Bishop Cider Co
  • Argus Cidery
  • Outlaw Cider Company
  • Duo Winery & Cider Co
  • Austin Eastciders
  • Houston Cider Co
  • Fairweather Cider Co
  • Locust Cider & Brewing Co
  • MoonTower Cider Co
  • Trinity Cider