DALLAS (KDAF) — When it comes to jobs in the new world we live in, one of the industry booming and becoming a worldwide giant is the technology industry. Some may see tech as a hobby but others are seeing their careers built around this world that is nothing short of booming.

This talk of tech comes as Monday, Oct. 3 is National Techies Day and we’re taking a look at what companies to seek out when looking to turn your tech hobby into a tech career in Dallas.

NationalToday says, “In the coming years, experts have already predicted that there will even be job opportunities that currently do not exist. In fact, in today’s climate, for every one high-tech job, four more are automatically created. To bring attention to the fast-growing technological industry, National Techies Day was commemorated.”

A report from Ascendix compiled a report of the 10 best tech companies leading in 2022 and why Dallas is the next Silicon Valley, “Over 6,000 IT companies and nearly 230,000 high-tech talents make Dallas stand out nationally as one of the most up-and-coming tech spots in the US.”

  1. Ascendix
  2. StackPath
  3. Five Pack Creative
  4. Unique Software Development
  5. Sparkfish
  6. Bestow
  7. vFairs
  8. Timely.MD
  9. Slync.Io
  10. Cysiv

So, with that being said, here’s a look at what Ascendix says about why Dallas is the next Silicon Valley:

  • A high number of unengaged developers Dallas TX accounting for 43%
  • A median software of an architect salary Dallas is lower than the nationwide average
  • A sizable number of large or top tech companies are in Dallas
  • Lots of available funding programs for startup companies in Dallas who are getting started
  • The low cost of living index is 21.7 % below the large US Metro Average (relative to the income level).