DALLAS (KDAF) — Halloween is a fun time for the whole family, but it’s not always fun when you’re a pet owner.

From runaways to poison, there can be huge ramifications if pet owners aren’t careful this holiday season.

So, in the spirit of safety, Veterinarians.org has released five tips for pet owners on Halloween. Here are their tips:

  • Keep Halloween Candy Out of Reach. Here are some of the foods that are toxic to pets:
    • Raisins
    • Chocolate
    • Candy Corn
    • Xylitol
  • Make sure pet costumes are comfortable
  • Protect Pets From Halloween Decorations
  • Keep Anxious Pets Calm. Here are some signs your pet has anxiety
    • Pacing and shaking
    • Hiding
    • Running away
    • Panting and elevated heart rate
    • Gastrointestinal Issues
    • Unusual Behaviors
  • Keep Pets Identifiable

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