DALLAS (KDAF) — Texas is known for its great barbecue. No matter where you go in the Lone Star State you are for sure going to find yourself some incredible food.

However, we always love stoking the flame to the fiery debate that is “which place serves the best barbecue in Texas?”

Well according to a report from Love Food, that honor goes to one foodie spot in Austin: Franklin Barbecue.

“As one of four areas that make up the barbecue belt, Texas prides itself on its ability to smoke meat. Most agree that the best Texan joint is Franklin Barbecue, with people gladly waiting hours to be served its luscious, sliced beef brisket with pickles, onions, barbecue sauce and white bread. Described by Anthony Bourdain as “the finest I’ve ever had,” nothing else on the menu (or in the state) quite compares,” the report states.

If Anthony Bourdain says it’s good then it’s kinda hard to argue that.

The report also looked at the best barbecue joints in every other state. For the full report, click here.