DALLAS (KDAF) — If there’s one thing to know about North Texas; it’s that there is so much to eat here, including great Filipino food.

Food that is so great that one North Texas Filipino food spot was named the Best Filipino Food in Texas by Food&Wine.com; Ulam Dallas.

“In Dallas, chef Anna Swan of Ulam Dallas does a monthly pop-up featuring her favorite dish, Tipsy Pancit. Pancits are meant to be quick and easy, but Tipsy Pancit starts at least three days prior, when she starts curing yolks in patis controlling the amorphous blob into something else entirely in flavor and texture. She grates this over dehydrated chicken adobo floss, wilted kale, carrot ribbons, fresh pea shoots, atchara pickles, scallions and two kinds of noodles. Her pancit is a symbolic tour de force,” as the article states.

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