DALLAS (KDAF) — One of the most fun experiences you can have in Dallas is going to the zoo.

The Dallas Zoo has been a longstanding icon of the area, bringing joy to hundreds of people in North Texas.

Well, it also turns out, it brings joy to people around the nation. Timeout.com has commissioned a report ranking the best zoos in the nation and Dallas Zoo ranked 5th overall.

Here’s what Timeout.com had to say about Dallas Zoo:

“Dallas Zoo is a 106-acre site that was first established in 1888. From humble beginnings and just two deer and two mountain lions, it is now the largest and oldest zoo in Texas, providing sanctuary to more than 2,000 animals from 406 species. Major exhibits include the Chimpanzee Forest, Gorilla Research Center, Koala Walkabout, Giants of the Savanna and the Penguin Cove. Plus there’s the Endangered Tiger Habitat, two-acre area that has been designed to look like a re-growing logged forest, where visitors can observe Sumatran tigers and Malayan tigers.”

For the full report visit Timeout.com.