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DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’ve been on a family trip that required flying, then you’ve been rushed to the airport with three-plus hours until your flight and have had to find things to do to kill time while waiting to board your plane.

In reality, you can never be too early to the airport when it comes to getting to your flight on time, however, there is such a thing as being too late, because it’s easier than you may think to miss a flight.

A report from Trips to Discover found how early you need to get to the airport around the country in 2023, “Some important things to consider that will add time to how early you should arrive at the airport are if you are checking a bag, traveling with children, pets or in a group, or during peak times of day or days of the year.

“In any of these situations, you should consider getting to the airport at the earlier recommended times below.”

So, just how early do you need to get to DFW Airport? Well, according to the airport themselves, they suggest arriving at least two hours before domestic and international flights.

“However, a recent study by Upgraded Points found that passengers should arrive at DFW nearly three hours before departure. Use your best judgment, don’t take risks, and plan for ample time during peak travel seasons,” the report added.