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KDAF (DALLAS) — A Dallas pie shop is chopping the charts when it comes to pies.

March 14 is Pi Day, the day we celebrate the mathematical constant pi (π). It’s Pi Day all over the nation and a great time to learn about pi’s history and significance, as well as eat some delicious pies!

TimeOut, a global media and hospitality company, ranked the best pie shops in the U.S.

TimeOut, ranked Emporium Pies as the #1 shop in the world and referred to them as the Lord of the Pies.

Experts said, “Named Lord of the Pies calls for a whopping 10 whole Granny Smith apples—the fruit’s tart punch is tempered by Emporium Pie’s rich house-made caramel and a generous heap of cinnamon crumb topping. A tender, all-butter crust completes the Texan showstopper.”

The list of 2023 best pie shops in the U.S TimeOut.

  1. Emporium Pies – Dallas, Texas
  2. Two Fat Cats Bakery – Portland, ME
  3. Petee’s Café – New York City, NY
  4.  Busy Bee Cafe – Atlanta, GA
  5.  Achatz Handmade Pie Co – Ann Arbor, MI
  6. Spinning J Bakery – Chicago, IL
  7. Tartine Bakery – San Francisco, CA
  8. Dutch Haven – Ronks, PA
  9. Fat & Flour – Los Angeles, CA
  10. Ted’s Bakery – Haleiwa, HI
  11.  from Honeypie Cafe – Milwaukee, WI
  12. Momofuku Milk Bar – ships nationwide