DALLAS (KDAF) — Football season is already underway and this glory-filled season is filled with some of the best cuisines known to mankind, tailgate food. At the top of this pecking order, you can find the chicken wing.

Sure, you can go to Wingstop, Buffalo Wild Wings, or a local dive bar, but we want to make sure you can get the very best Texas has to offer. A report from Love Food has found the best chicken wing restaurants in all of America and yes, we’re starving for some drums and flats right about now.

The report said, “Between flats and drums, smoked and deep fried, and Asian sticky sauce and Alabama white sauce, there’s a lot of variation in how they can be served. Feeling hungry?”

In the Lone Star State, you’ll have to head down to Central Texas and devour the Peach Habanero Wings at hiwings in the city of Austin, which is a high-end Korean chicken restaurant.

“The battered wings from high-end Korean chicken joint hiwings have been described as life-changing. Crispy and saucy, they’re a textural delight. Choose a sauce from 12 fruity and spicy options. Not for the faint hearted, all-time best seller Peach Habanero is addictive and seriously hot. It’s also a popular option to choose SOS (sauce on side), if you’re afraid to jump in at the deep end.”

Love Food