DALLAS (KDAF) — Last year saw an influx of people from across the nation moving to the North Texas area. Some moved for work, others moved to expand the size of their household and others moved for cheaper rent.

According to a new study from Storage Cafe, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex was the major metropolitan area attracting new renters in 2021, with Irving (1) and Lewisville (2) being the top two cities for net migration in 2021.

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There are a few reasons experts say people were drawn to these cities. One of the biggest draws of Irving is its location. Being less than five miles away from Dallas, there are plenty of things for young people to do in Irving. Millennials made up about 57% of people who moved into the Texas city, with 61% of new bodies being from a different state.

Lewisville was especially attractive to those looking for recreational options. With Lake Lewisville, this suburb offers residents plenty of outside activities like fishing, boating and picnicking.

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According to the study these are the top 10 cities for net migration in Texas:

CityInbound v. OutboundApartment Size (sq. ft.)Income
Grand Prairie1.3867$45,227

For the full report, visit Storage Cafe.