DALLAS (KDAF) — Japanese birthday cake Oreos? BBQ Steak Cheetos? Dippin’ Dots cereal?

These are the types of rare snacks that can be found in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The trend has continued to gain notoriety, once available only to the stars, can now be purchased by the average consumer!

Now not every snack has to be a wacky concoction of sorts either, trying something new like imported snacks from different countries will also fall on this list as well. From British imports to candy from parts of India, there are so many opportunities to try something new.

Let your tastebuds travel without leaving the comfort of your car or home, and try something that you’ve never had before. Rare and imported snacks don’t always last, so if you don’t get them now they can easily disappear from the market.

So where should you buy these imported or rare snacks in the DFW area? We got you covered.

Buy your snacks online



Sugar Crave Shop

Exotic Snack Shop

Snack Shack Drive Thru

Buy your snacks in person

Mando’s Spot

Uptown Vape

Roadrun’r Exotic Cereal Bar


Shmokey’s smoke shop

Imported Snacks

Delice Fine Foods

Teso Life

The British Emporium

Wooden Spoon Scandinavian Shop

Mitsuwa Marketplace