DALLAS (KDAF) — Local Dallas resident and franchise partner, Sam Cole is the man behind one of Dallas’ newest quick-serve establishments in Deep Ellum.

The restaurant specializes in traditional and specialty dumplings that can be accessed with a click of a button. The original concept was created by New York native, Stratis Morgan, who has had over 40 years in the restaurant industry.

“I found Brooklyn Dumpling Shop after years of searching for a restaurant franchise that felt right to jump into and invest. My wife and I fell in love with the tech behind it and the fact that the creators were pursuing a concept not only with efficiency, less food waste, but ultimately a solid product with a dedicated following,” Cole said.

Guests can pre-order online or with the in-store kiosk and pick up their dumplings from a locker from the shop’s auomat. (How cool is that?)

The new store has been open since May. The Deep Ellum location features 14 hot and four cold lockers and a pick-up window for guests to sit inside the main dining room.

Check the gallery below for pictures of this cool establishment.