DALLAS (KDAF) — It’s soon to be quite cold in North Texas as a cold front is set to drop temperatures below freezing on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service center in Fort Worth.

NWS Fort Worth warns the public that pipes will be at risk due to the upcoming prolonged cold weather the region will experience. “A long duration of well below freezing temperatures and windy conditions will damage exposed outdoor pipes,” the center warns.

Here’s what you need to do to protect your home:

  • Cover exterior faucets
  • Open cabinets under your sink and drip indoor faucets
  • Locate your water shut-off valve and know how to turn it off
  • Turn off sprinklers to avoid creating icy surfaces
NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

NWS Fort Worth said, “Temperatures fall below freezing Thursday and will remain below freezing until Saturday (Christmas Eve) for most, with the exception of those along the Red River. There is a small chance that temperatures remain below freezing everywhere through Sunday (Christmas Day). Cover outdoor pipes, and let indoor faucets drip. Locate your water shut-off valve and know how to turn it off, and don’t forget to turn off sprinklers!”