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DALLAS (KDAF) — History Buffs, this one for you.

An Instagram page has gone viral for its colorization of historic and iconic pictures from different eras in world history. HistoryColored features different historic photos and the remastering of them in color.

The photos have since gained notoriety and spotlight for the Colorists that are involved in bringing some of these historic pieces back to life.

There are more images featured on their website as well like the one included below:

This one is a US National Archive photo of the Mochida family taken on May 8, 1942. The family was evacuated from their home in Hayward, California, to an internment camp. This marked the removal of 111,000 Japanese including American-born Japanese after the approval of Executive Order 9066.

This photo can be found on, which gave credit to Colourised Piece Of Jake for this colorization. The website features countless other pictures like this one, that feature other colorists and their remastering of historic photos.

Here is a side-by-side of some other works as well:

A street in Washington, D.C., busy with people and vehicles.
Harris & Ewing, 1935 Colorized by Sébastien de Oliveira // Original from Library of Congress

A crowd outside the Regal Theater in Chicago, Illinois.
Russell Lee, 1941 Colorized by Sébastien de Oliveira // Original from Library of Congress

Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, Looking west from Seymour Building, New York City.
Berenice Abbott, 1937 Colorized by Sébastien de Oliveira // Original from New York Public Library