DALLAS (KDAF) — Hurricane season is underway, and an often overlooked aspect of a natural disaster is its effect on pets.

To help pet owners make sure their furry little friends are safe and protected this hurricane season, Carrollton animal shelter Operation Kindness has released some tips for how to protect your pet during a natural disaster.

Here are those tips:

  • Make sure your pets are always wearing identification tags
  • Microchip your pet
  • Keep current photos of your pets to help identify them
  • Make sure you have appropriately sized carriers to transport your pets
  • Stock up on your pet’s medications
  • Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations
  • Make a list of safe evacuation destinations
  • Prepare a “Go Box” with the following items
    • A roll of paper towels
    • A pet-friendly cleaner, like Nature’s Miracle or similar
    • Trash bags
    • Small poop bags
    • A small bag of litter
    • Litter pan
    • Pet first-aid kit
    • Leashes
    • A pair of heavy-duty gloves
    • A blanket
    • Two towels
    • Two bowls
    • Can opener and spoon
    • Food, canned and/or dry
    • Gallon of Water
    • Pet’s medication and pill pockets
  • Keep your pets inside and secure doors and windows
  • Stay calm