DALLAS (KDAF) — If you have TikTok, you’ve probably heard the famous rap on the social media platform “My money don’t jiggle jiggle; it folds.”

Well, here is the remix you didn’t know you needed. John F. Peeler Elementary has dropped an official rap song and music video on the school’s YouTube page titled “Dream in Gold.” The video, with more than 1,500 views features the school’s principal Tito Salas performing the rap, sometimes in a pirate getup.

The song is a take on the catchy TikTok riff with bars like “My Pirates don’t dribble dribble; they score.” and “Six times two in the math class; you must pass.”

Mr. Salas finishes out the music video with an optimistic look forward to the new school year.

“John F. Peeler Elementary school, to all my pirates, staff and students, I’m looking forward to another one. Let’s make it a great school year. Or not, the choice is yours,” Mr. Salas said in the music video.

To watch the music video yourself, click here.