DALLAS (KDAF) – The National Weather Service center in Fort Worth is encouraging North Texans to stay home due to dangerous travel from the winter storm the region is experiencing.

Travel conditions are expected to worsen as more sleet and freezing rain will affect roads throughout the area. Simply put, stay home if possible, delay/plan alternate routes for travel, slow down when driving, and allow for additional travel time.

NWS Fort Worth reports, “Travel conditions will continue to worsen as additional sleet and freezing rain deteriorates roads areawide. Travel should be avoided if possible now through Wednesday. Stay home! If you have to be out on the roads over the next couple of days, make sure to slow down, watch for ice/black ice, and to give yourself plenty of time for driving.”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

The public is asked to avoid travel through Wednesday if at all possible as road conditions will continue to worsen, so, if you do have to travel, here’s a look at the travel impacts timeline from NWS Fort Worth:

“Road conditions will worsen today with additional sleet and freezing rain expected through Thursday morning. Difficult travel is expected with the potential to become life-threatening. Colder temperatures are now expected Wednesday, with high confidence in travel impacts through most of the day. There is a low chance these impacts linger into Thursday morning for some areas. Any remaining water on the roadways will also refreeze for much of the area Wednesday night!”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

The Winter Storm Warning for North Texas has been extended as additional ice accumulations worsen roads due to periods of freezing rain and sleet is expected through Thursday morning.

“The Winter Storm Warning has been extended and is in effect now until 6 AM Thursday. Widespread icing on bridges and overpasses as well as surface streets is expected with travel significantly impacted. There is a low chance of some downed power lines and tree damage due to ice,” NWS Fort Worth said.

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas

Here’s a look at the potential travel impacts for Tuesday and Wednesday, again, the public is asked to avoid travel through Wednesday if at all possible.

The weather center said, “Major travel impacts are possible Tuesday and Wednesday across most of North and Central Texas.

“Freezing rain and sleet will become widespread today and worsen road conditions. There is a low threat of damage to power lines and trees due to icing as well. Avoid travel if you can. If you have to get out on roads, slow down and make sure to give yourself ample travel time.”

NWS Fort Worth/Dallas