DALLAS (KDAF) — If you’re searching around for some high-quality breakfast, almost every city in America will have some top-notch breakfast spots, but when you’re looking for the best of a specific food item there are some that stand above the rest.

When it comes to breakfast there are the regulars like eggs, bacon, hash browns and such for the savory side of things, but breakfast can often turn to the sweet side as well. One of the best is the amazingly delicious French toast and it’s a fun time to be alive as Monday, November 28 is National French Toast Day!

We checked out a report from the prestigious publication Eat This, Not That! on the best spots for French toast in every state across the country. For Texas, it’s no surprise that a North Texas eatery garnered the top spot as Old West Cafe in Arlington was recognized for it’s 12 French toast dishes.

This Western-style spot has so many French toast dishes to choose from—12 to be exact—that we simply cannot pick a favorite. Opt for any one of them for your hearty breakfast and your day will be exceptional,” the report said.