DALLAS (KDAF) — Religion is an important thing in the lives of millions of Americans, that’s why religious liberty is such an important issue when looking for a place to live.

Thankfully a report from The Center for Religion, Culture & Democracy gives people a chance to see which states rank the best and worst for religious liberty.

“Not only do we construct an index that gives each state a single score and a place in our ranking, making interstate comparisons straightforward, we also have compiled a dataset like nothing else that is out there,” Sarah M. Estelle, director of the CRCD’s Religious Liberty in the States project, said in a press release.

Officials say they ranked each state based on 11 different legal safeguards, including whether a stat gives opportunities for absentee voting and exemptions from childhood immunization requirements.

So, where does Texas rank in relation to the rest of the country in terms of religious liberty? 25th place overall.

These were some of the findings from Texas according to the report:

  • Opportunity for Absentee Voting: No
  • Exemptions from Childhood Immunization Requirements: Yes
  • Religious Freedom Restoration Act: Yes
  • Employer Exemption from the Contraceptive Mandate: Yes

The top 10 states are as follows:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Illinois
  3. New Mexico
  4. Florida
  5. Washington
  6. Utah
  7. Tennessee
  8. Maryland
  9. Idaho
  10. Kansas

For the full report, click here.