DALLAS (KDAF) — A new Sony holiday movie will feature the real-life story of a North Texas mother and son who never lost their faith.

The film 5000 BLANKETS tells the story of Cyndi Bunch and her son Phillip whose worlds were turned upside down in the late 90s, when Cyndi’s husband became ill with schizophrenia, eventually leaving the family to live on the streets of Fort Worth.

After his departure, Cyndi and Phillip lost their house. Despite their trials, the two never lost their faith and eventually discovered a new purpose in life by collecting five thousand blankets for the homeless in a single year.

Anna Camp, most known for her roles in Pitch Perfect, True Blood and The Good Wife, will star in the film as Cyndi. The film was written by Dallas-based screenwriter Larry Postel, who saw Cyndi and Phillip’s story on a TV news segment years ago.

“I’m known to be kind of feisty and tenacious and never thought anyone could play me, but Anna Camp nailed me 100%. And Carson (Minniear), who played Phillip when he was ten and happens to be from North Texas, also did such an amazing job,” Cyndi said in a news release.

The film is set to release on Dec. 12 in about 1,200 theaters nationwide.

“We’re so proud of this movie and know it will inspire many families across the country to do in their communities what we’ve been doing in our own community here in North Texas to not only help the homeless, but also spread understanding of the mental health challenges they face. Right now, more than ever, the world needs a big dose of empathy, and my prayer is that this movie and our story will help,” Cyndi said in a news release.

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