DALLAS (KDAF) — In Dallas, getting active is a way of life. With its abundance of parks and outdoor activities, Dallas is the perfect place to get your fitness on.

National Today said, “April 18 is National Exercise Day. It is a day to encourage everyone to participate in physical activities. Exercise enhances our general health by giving us more energy, making us feel better, and even extending our lives by years. Regular physical activity and exercise have several health benefits that are impossible to overlook.”

In honor of National Exercise Day, let’s check out the best local gyms, according to local Yelpers.

  1. Recess Fitness Club
  2. Paradigm Club
  3. Trophy Fitness – Uptown
  4. Equinox Highland Park
  5. John Reed Fitness – Dallas
  6. Diesel Fitness
  7. Equinox Preston Hollow
  8. Trophy Fitness – Mockingbird
  9. Destination Dallas Texas
  10. Cowboys Fit

For a complete list of gyms to get your pump on, visit the Yelp website.

Just remember, don’t forget your protein shake at home or it’s gonna be a real bicep-buster.