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DALLAS (KDAF)— Thanksgiving and NFL football are both right around the corner! It would be a sweet Turkey Day miracle if we were able to predict a win for America’s team.

Since 1934, the Dallas Cowboys have hosted a Thanksgiving game every year. As many prepare for Thanksgiving and the 2023 Thanksgiving football game, a brand new sweepstake casino,, has revealed the best-performing NFL teams on Thanksgiving and provided predictions for this year’s results.

The study uses data collated from every NFL game that’s taken place on Thanksgiving Day between 1993 – 2022. Each team’s win percentage was calculated, as well as an average for the number of points scored and conceded over the past 30 Thanksgiving games, according to the study.

The study revealed that it’s looking like a good game for the Dallas Cowboys.

“…The Dallas Cowboys have scored a total of 723 points, giving them an average of 24.1 points per Thanksgiving game. In contrast, they conceded 692 total points, averaging 23.1 points per game each Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, it’s looking like bad news for the Washington Commanders, who only have a 33.3% win rate, having won just 2 out of their total 6 Thanksgiving games in the past 30 years. With the Commanders and the Cowboys set to play each other this Thanksgiving, the Cowboys might be looking at an easy win as they have a considerably higher win rate than their opponents,” the study mentioned.

Does this mean we start the celebration early?